Monday, May 9, 2011

The Two Hand Turn

Working on the assumption that no topic is too small for this blog, and that no question is too foolish to be considered, let's look at a question I was asked in a beginner dance class. What direction does a two hand turn go?

There are rare exceptions to this rule, but when one comes up, it will be announced by the caller or discussed in the dance manual.

The most usual direction for a two hand turn is the same as for a right hand turn: clockwise. If you take right hands and each walk forward in an easy manner (not twisting so that your right arm has to cross in front of your body) you will be moving around each other in a clockwise direction. If you drop right hands and take two hands, and keep moving in the same direction, you will be doing a two hand turn.

Typically, the gentleman offers his hands with palms upturned, and the lady places her hands, palm down, in his. They keep their arms in a graceful circle and walk around in a clockwise direction.

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